How to Build Better Loyalty Emails

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  • Want to build trust with your customers? A loyalty program is a great start: 83% of people say that loyalty programs increase their chances of buying from a company. Pair your loyalty program with email marketing, and you've got a  powerful relationship-building strategy. 

    In How to Build Better Loyalty Emails, you'll learn how to:

    - Leverage customer data to create year-in-review emails

    - Provide up-to-the-minute customer account snapshots

    - Use data visualization to boost your rewards program

    - Drive engagement and gather data with live and progressive polling

    Don't have a loyalty program yet? No worries. You'll get plenty of inspiration from our examples that show contextual loyalty programs in action. 
  • Learn how to deliver 1:1 loyalty program emails that can help you boost your rewards program, drive engagement, and gather data. 

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