[eBook] Winning Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Peak Holiday Season

The upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Peak Season poses a slew of challenges for digital marketers who are scrambling to adapt to the new normal.

In this eBook, we’ll tackle three primary challenges faced by digital marketers, including shifting consumer expectations, supply chain disruption, and eCommerce adoption. We’ll look at key strategies that marketers can use to drive agility into their campaigns, along with winning campaigns from leading brands.

Read the eBook to learn about:
  • Data-driven personalization
  • Cross-channel activation
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Value and savings visualization
  • Automated, modular builds
We've packaged up this eBook with a set of additional resources to help kickstart your peak season planning! Download your full 2020 retail strategy bundle here.

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