How The Very Group Replicated a Winning Email Strategy on Mobile Channels With Movable Ink

The Very Group, the UK’s largest integrated retailer and financial services provider, experienced a massive shift in how customers searched for and purchased products in 2020. Consumers quickly adjusted to a new eCommerce model of shopping, and with the help of Movable Ink and Movable Ink Exchange Partners, The Very Group quickly transformed their personalization strategy to match.

With a 103% increase in new customers, the majority of whom utilized mobile apps, The Very Group needed a way to quickly create scalable, personalized email and mobile campaigns that drove new sales, communicated supply chain concerns, and outclassed the competition.

With Movable Ink, The Very Group:
  • Created new social proofing campaigns across email and mobile channels
  • Pulled rich data directly from their website to create 1:1, always relevant communications
  • Increased conversion rates and CTR during a global pandemic 

Download the case study to learn more about how Movable Ink and The Very Group teamed up on sophisticated email and mobile campaigns.

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