[eBook] The State of Mobile for Retail Marketers

Mobile commerce is booming—by 2021, it's projected to make up nearly three-quarters of all eCommerce sales. With this rise comes ever-increasing consumer expectations to have highly personalized experiences. As Retailers evolve their strategy to address this, it's important to think of mobile as one part of a wider marketing strategy that involves multiple channels throughout the customer journey. For example, did you know:  


  • Mobile websites are better for driving initial awareness and engagement, but later funnel stages are best served by apps
  • 48% of app users are more likely to continue using the app after the first month of download if the app employs an onboarding strategy, e.g. completing profile or loyalty membership

In this eBook, we’ll look at how retailers can tackle ever-changing mobile behaviors and showcase real life examples of winning mobile and app engagement strategies. Fill out the form to download it now!

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