[eBook] Personalizing the Mobile Customer Journey

One marketing upshot that resulted after a year of pandemic lockdowns: people rely on their phones now more than ever. Mobile shopping and eCommerce permanently influenced how consumers research and purchase goods and services. As a result, every industry is rethinking the customer journey and how the new normal affects digital marketing.

In Movable Ink’s Personalizing the Mobile Customer Journey, we take a look at the major touch points a mobile consumer will experience after downloading a brand’s app. Every notification and in-app message is an opportunity for digital marketers to personalize their communications and create a deeper, more human connection with their customers. We’ll show you examples of how brands create scalable, 1:1 mobile campaigns that increase revenue while still treating consumers like they're individuals. 

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  • Creating custom on-boarding task lists
  • Personalizing nurture campaigns
  • Building 1:1 engagement and retention messages at scale

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