[Webinar] The New Milestones of Peak Trading Season:

3 Ways Retailers Can Win in 2021


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In previous seasons, retailers’ peak plans have centred on one or two key dates such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday. This year, new trading events combined with shifting consumer behaviours will pull forward shopper spend and extend the peak trading period over a number of weeks.

In this webinar, Becki Francis, Movable Ink’s Associate Director of Retail Strategy, will discuss the behaviours and events that caused this shift, and share three ways that retailers can win the elongated peak season.

Learn how to:
  • Create frictionless digital experiences to inspire and inform online shoppers
  • Re-think the role of the store to enhance the omnichannel customer experience
  • Keep customer engagement high through an elongated peak period with the strategic use of data
Becki will also be joined by two incredible client speakers: 


Becki Francis
Associate Director,
Retail Strategy
Movable Ink

Tina Lehman Jacobsen
Email Campaigns

Emilie Maunoury
Digital, Ecommerce
& CRM Director

Tina and Emilie will talk us through their approaches to the new consumer landscape and share expertise on how they are preparing for the crucial final quarter.

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