Inkredible Five, Winter 2015

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  • Spring forward with a contextual marketing approach to email! This brand new Inkredible Five features the most inspiring examples of contextual email marketing yet!  

    • Hyatt personalized the hero image of their email to include the recipient's name.

    • Yahoo Travel used a campaign to progressively profile and segment their list but gamified the email to create a seamless experience.

    •Aimia used geo-targeted technology to help consumers find the closest location to redeem their rewards.

    Get your copy today to see how these top brands and others combined their ingenuity with Movable Ink’s technology to create memorable and engaging email experiences that stood out in the inbox.

  • Featuring the best agileEMAIL campaigns of the season from Hyatt, Yahoo Travel, Aimia, Shop Direct, and Udemy.

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