[The Future of Retail] Chapter 4: Ethical Impact

The global challenges we face today have called into question the ethical implications of existing business practices. With the climate crisis and social movements drawing attention to inequality, brands have to decide which side of history they’re going to be on. Though business and morality are often pitted against each other, it’s not only possible for them to coexist, they can reinforce one another.

This chapter will look at why, as marketers make good on their stated values and shift their strategies, it's important consider the role of technology in furthering the greater good.

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About The Future of Retail Series

Predicting the immediate future of retail is difficult, and predicting what the landscape might look like five or ten years from now is next to impossible. In this four-part eBook series, we’ll showcase four of the most common expectations from the industry’s most forward-looking thinkers, and look at how marketers can rise to the challenges posed by each:

  1. Supply Chain Transformation
  2. Focus on All Channels
  3. Data Integration
  4. Ethical Impact

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