The New Digital Imperative: The Move to Individualization

Tuesday, March 3rd | 1 pm EST

Personalization remains a priority for leading organizations, but the focus is going way beyond recommendations and using a customer’s first name. Leading brands are moving to individualize experiences across the enterprise, personalizing interactions at every digital touchpoint.

With access to unprecedented amounts of customer data, real-time processing power, and predictive-/prescriptive-based analytics, personalization success is being redefined as individualization - structuring content, experiences, and even functionality around the real-time needs of individual customers.

In this webinar, guest speaker Brendan Witcher, Vice President/Principal Analyst from Forrester, will reveal the key pillars for achieving a new level of personalization that will enable brands to become data-led, customer-obsessed, and win the loyalty of today’s digitally-savvy consumer.


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