Achieve Next-Level Personalization with Creative Variations

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  • Better personalization increases customer engagement and lifts revenue and conversions. Yet, while we understand the opportunity — 68% of marketers want to do more personalization according to Forrester Research — we:

    • Don’t have the people or time 
    • Struggle to proof every version 
    • Can’t keep the content up-to-date

    In our eBook, the Creative Variations Solution Guide, we’ll show you how to leverage Movable Ink’s platform to create thousands or millions of creative variations as easily as you would a single promotion.

    What content can you vary?

    • Offers
    • Creative
    • Languages
    • Lifecycle Messages

    And so much more, our eBook provides you with strategies, examples, and tips for getting started.

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  • Learn how to use creative variations to deliver better personalization with less effort.

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